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Cypress College class of 2023

Student Poster Competitions

Every May at

CDHA Spring Scientific Session



The CDHA Foundation is a the non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation which provides scholarships to dental hygiene students.

The Cora Euland Scholarship provides 4 undergrad awards.

Applications are due April each year

For more info go to

SHOR, Student & Future Colleague events

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OCDHS supports DH students in a variety of ways, providing moral support and survivor goody bags at WREB and CRDTS clinical exams.

Student members enjoy free or discounted fees  for CE events. Student members enjoy group rates  for CDHA home and auto insurances.

Students interested in attending a virtual OCDHS board meeting should contact one of the OCDHS executives using the email

OCDHS sponsors students from 3 OC Dental Hygiene programs to attend the annual business meeting, the CDHA House of Delegates.

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